About Us

We are a small farm in the hamlet of Hinxhill in Kent. We farm about 45 acres and look after land we farm. It is a family business. We are excited to have the Heritage Wheat that we grow for sale.

Miller's Choice, a wheat population, was created by using pre 19th century tall wheat varieties. Miller’s Choice is a long straw heritage wheat. The heritage means it is particularly well suited to low input farming systems, which is better for all of us. 

Heritage flours taste great. The intensive farming methods used to increase yields have stripped flavour and vital nutrients from today’s wheat. With heritage flours, you can actually taste wheat the way nature intended it. Compared to modern wheat, our heritage grains have a lower gluten content and are healthier and easier to digest. They provide a larger array of vitamins and minerals.

We sell our flour wholesale to Dockers Bakery and they use it in their loaves. You can now buy it in 12kg, 5kg and 3kg bags at £2.30 per kg. We recommend using about 20% in a loaf to give it a great taste without having to change your method for baking bread.